The End of 2016

Blogmas clearly didn't work, but I work retail so we all knew it wouldn't.

Anyway, I bring you today my thoughts of 2016 and my hopes/goals for 2017.

2016 has been a roller coaster of a year. I don't know what it is, but for a large majority of people, it seems like it wasn't a good year. I myself have experienced that. I lost my grandmother, failed to get a job in my desired field, said goodbye to some friends, and there were always a few more personal lows.

However, there were some good things about 2016. I finished my degree, I gained some amazing followers on this blog, I bought my first car, I made some amazing new friends, I got to go on a great trip to Ontario, I finally realised what my goals are in life, and I figured out a path to get me there. I am thankful for my failure because it has helped me realise that life isn't going to be easy and that the right job is out there. I just haven't found it yet, but here's hoping that in 2017 I do.

Some of my goals for 2017 besides finding that dream job is as followed:

  • Reach 500 followers by my July birthday
  • Continue to write at least one post a week for both blogs
  • Successfully transition Dash of Confidence from a mixture focus to a career-oriented blog
  • Take the GMAT
  • Get further in relearning French
  • Give more of my spare time to friends and family

2016 may have been a mixture of good and bad, but here's hoping that 2017 will be different. If it isn't I'm going to make it different myself. I can't expect a completely good year, but I have the control and power to make it better on my own. 

What are your goals or hopes for 2017? What was one good and one bad thing that happened this year? Let me know in the comments down below!

Once again thank you so much for stopping by throughout 2016. I may have one more post left before the end of the year. If not, I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year and I will see you all again soon. 


Blogmas Day 10: Christmas Party Playlist

If you're having a few friends over during the holidays or spending some quality time with family you may want to have a solid Christmas music playlist going on in the background.

I have made a playlist over on my Spotify account which you can reach through the link.
It consists of some typical Mariah Carey and usual Christmas songs. However, I have also added some music I would normally listen to with my family that just makes the house feel so much more like Christmas time.

I hope you enjoy the playlist. Do you have a Christmas playlist made? Link me your Spotify Christmas Playlists down below!

I hope you are all having a magical time and I will see you again tomorrow.

Jessie xoxo

Blogmas Day 9: Family Christmas Photos

Every single year my family sends out a Christmas card or email for our family Christmas photo. This happens every year in front of the Christmas tree.

It is almost an annoying tradition since there is always some form of arguing, the tripod goes missing, the camera ends up slanted, or someone has their eyes closed. However, I wouldn't trade that for the world.

As I reflect on this traditional photo I am realising that this may be my last Christmas actually living at home. Which is somewhat terrifying to think about. Of course, I should still be around for the photo, but thinking about it makes me excited and scared for what the future has in store.
Had to get a little deep there of course.

However, the Christmas photo is a great time with my family. It's time together that I know that will happen which happens more and more rarely now.

Anyway, does your family get together for a Christmas photo every year? Let me know in the comments down below!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I will see you again tomorrow for Blogmas day 10!

Jessie xoxo